Wedding season is harmful to the kidneys

Wedding season is harmful to the kidneys

Wedding season is harmful to the kidneys. The end of the year is also the time when there are the most weddings. Before Tet, I had 2 weddings, noon and afternoon. The first one was a middle school friend. After a long time of not seeing each other, a girl texted her asking to take her with her at noon because it was inconvenient to wear makeup and ride a motorbike, but on Sunday, the old lady's pussy was left at home. pick you up and take you there… blowjob
When we got on the bus, we saw that our friends were hanging out, so we asked them, but because we were a little late, our friends' table had 10 people, so the two of us sat at another table, also acting like a couple, and after the party ended, we invited them for coffee. The little thing happened for a moment at a nearby hotel because I'd had sex a few times in the past. We had made out in college but it just didn't feel right, so that's it.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, there was a wedding 100km away from home and my sister asked if she would go with me. This lady works at a spa so she pays close attention to her skin, so she's afraid to ride a motorbike. This woman, who used to be my boyfriend's girlfriend, was also told by him that she was a cock-sucking goddess, so she agreed. I'm also teasing you to go with your sister and mix up your makeup a bit. Who would have thought that when I got into the car, I would see a string of clothes and all kinds of things.

Am I teasing you that you think you're prettier than the bride?

She lightly hit me and called me out because you called me sister.

Along the way, I asked her about her and then casually asked if anyone had fucked her recently and she was so beautiful. Bla…bla…

But I must have seen that I was sitting like a mother, so I enthusiastically answered and then checked in the car. It cost me 200k for the car wash to clean all the mixed cream stuck on the seat the next day.

The party was over after rambling, but on the way home, I told her I was too tired from eating the party all afternoon and couldn't sleep so I found a place to pull over to the side of a deserted road to lie down for a bit. And I also fondled a shot in the car where this woman was truly a goddess, sucking my cock when I was about to ejaculate and she told me to put it in her mouth.

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